The city held a national lawyers lawyers management and legal services comprehensive standardization work conference

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October 14, the National Bar Association lawyer management and legal services integrated standardization work conference held in our city. The meeting focused on the theme of "comprehensively standardizing lawyer management and lawyer service". Lv Hongbing and Zhang Jingzhong, vice-chairpersons of the National Bar Association, attended the meeting and made speeches. Council Secretary Lu Qiang, Secretary attended the meeting, Party committee member, deputy director Luo Xianbing speech.

Vice chairman Lu Hongbing pointed out in his speech that national lawyers should go beyond the two errors of "standardization is not important" and "standardization is impossible", and profoundly recognize that "the standardization of legal services is to realize the fairness of legal services and improve the quality of legal services In law and action, the standardization of lawyers rose to the promotion of "governing the country according to law in an all-round way," "building a well-off society in an all-round way," "reforming the supply side of lawyers' services," and "letting the people in every judicial case Feel fairness and justice ", comprehensively implement the standardization strategy in the field of lawyer management and lawyer services, and improve the overall level and quality of lawyer management and lawyer services nationwide.

In recent years, the lawyer industry standardization work in our city has achieved remarkable results and the service standard of the first corporate brand legal counsel in the country was released. Among them, Zhang Minyuan lawyer team founded the "concept of legal consultant brand" successfully applied to the National Standards Commission 2017 national standard lawyer service pilot projects and was highly recommended. Another "National Lawyer Management and Lawyer Service Standardization Pilot Project" has also been approved.

The meeting also deployed a comprehensive standardization of lawyer management and lawyer work tasks and specific division of labor. Ma Guohua, deputy secretary-general of the National Bar Association, and leaders of the Ministry of Justice and the National Standards Commission and more than 80 professional lawyers attended the seminar and carried out seminars.

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